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Reminiscence of Middle Age: Dinanjpur & Rangpur

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Rangpur and Dinajpur, both are districts located in Northern Bangladesh. Many significant historical incidents took place here. Rangpur is the birth place of Begum Rokeya. The Sannyasi Rebellion took place here. Dinajpur was once a part of the ancient state of Pundrabardhwan. In 1793, the then British administration established their control. People of the district took part in the Tebhaga Movement. Just south of the city of Rangpur lies the Tajhat, a former 'Rajbari' or Zamindar's Palace. Dinajpur is famous for its archaeological heritage . Notable places to visit here includes Sitakot Bihar which is the oldest Badya Bihar in the world, Kantajew Temple , Rajbari, Dinajpur Museum, Ramsagar Tank , Sukhsagar, Matasagar and the tombs of Chehel Gazi and Gor-e-Shahid Moydan, Sitar Kuthuri, Habra Zamindar Bari, Gour Gabindha, Nayabad Mosque, Aowkora (echoing) Mosque, Ghughu-danga Zamindar Bari. Communication has developed considerably over the years and traditional transports like palanquin, boat, bullock cart, horse carriage are either extinct or nearly extinct.


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