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Largest River Port: Narayanganj

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Narayanganj is one of the most important district in Bangladesh located 20 km south-east of Dhaka on the bank of river Shitalakshyawith a total population of 1.6 million. This city is also known as the oldest and most prominent river port in Bangladesh which makes this place a center of business and industry. Specially Narayanganj is famous for Jute trading and processing plants, and RMG sector. This place got the nickname “Dundee of Bangladesh” for the existence of lots of jute mills in Narayanganj.

Besides these business aspects this place also got some historical significance which turned this place into a famous tourist spot in Bangladesh. Lakhsmi Narayan Thakur, a famous Hindu leader leased the area from British East India Company in 1766 following the historical Battle of Palasy and donated some land on the bank of river Shitalakshya as Given to God Property which later became a successful business or industrial area. The name Narayanganj belongs to his name “Narayan” and the “Ganj” means “Market Place”.

Hajiganj Fort is a river fort located on the western bank of river Shitalakshya at Hajiganj in Narayanganj. This quadrangular in size fort was established by Mir Jumla to stand against the attacks of the Maghs and the Portuguese with a rare sign of Mughal architectural works.

Sonakanda Fort is another Mughal river fort located on the eastern bank of river Shitalakshya at Bandar, Narayanganj, situated just opposite of the Hajiganj Fort. This fort was probably built by Mir Jumla though there is no supporting evidence on this. Now, Sonakanda Fort is preserved by Department of Archaeology and Museums under Bangladesh Government which has been repaired and reconstructed several times.

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