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Calling Dhaka

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Calling Dhaka is all about the north-western part of the capital with the most promising area. This part has a great combination of some beautifully planned villages with the most developing urban locality which attracts most of the tourists for a short trip to this place..

Baliapur is a village located in Savar where visitors can get the feel of real Bangla that will lead them into a green world with paddy fields, raw soil, nature and the ever smiling local people. The whole village turned into a dreamy world with different looks in different seasons where they can take a deep breath with full of fresh air, smell the scent of soil, listen to the nature and most importantly meet the local people, learn their lifestyle with some beautiful stories. Savar area includes several numbers of farm where visitors can experience poultry farming, vegetable plantation, milk processing farm, cattle farm etc.

Jahangirnagar University located in Savar, Dhaka is one of the top public university in Bangladesh with a total area of around 700 acres. It is also the one & only residential university in Bangladesh with 12 dorms for both male and female students. The university was established on 12th January 1970 with 150 students in four departments which increase to a recent total 10,500 students. There are several lakes that attract a large number of tourists every year and for the very obvious reason that makes this university different from other universities. Jahangirnagar University is the best place for bird watching activity during winter.

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