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Eternal Bangla: Dhaka

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Eternal Bangla: Dhaka is all about a south-western nearbyplace to Dhaka where visitors can go for a day trip and experience the eternalbeauty of Bengal. This place is locally known as Dhamrai that include some evergreenvillages with some unique lifestyle.

Dhamrai Pottery Village is a beautiful place locatedin Dhamrai, Dhaka where the visitors will find a whole village that lives on pottery work. Visitors can get some real experience working with the pottery workers. Kagujia Para is another impressive village near the pottery village where both pottery work and rice processing considered as their main occupation. Visitors can also experience working with them. Sukanta’s Metal Craft is a famous metal workshop near Kagujia Para, Dhamrai. This metal workshop is mostly known for its unique design where people can experience the metal work with the workers.

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