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History of Kuakata

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Kuakata, the most south part of Bangladesh is an important historical place of Bangladesh. The name Kuakata came from two Bengali words "Kua" & "Kata" which stands for "Well" & "Dig", so it's clear that the name has a story, a story of first settlement in Kuakata.

Local people believes that the early Rakhain (small tribe of Arakan origin belonging to the Bhotbarmi community of Myanmar) people are the first settler in this area and they were facing problems for fresh drinking water at the beginning and they had to dig some wells to solve the problem. That ‘digging well’ eventually gave the place a name ‘Kuakata’. As rakhain people are Buddha followers so they built some Buddhist Temple here and start their journey over here. Misripara Buddha Shima Temple and the Rakhain Market Buddhist Temple are some of those important historical places to visit & to get to know the History of Kuakata.

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