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Mango Capital: Rajshahi

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'Mango Capital' – this name reflects the image of this area. This place is famous for various kinds of quality mango and lychees. Interactions with the gardeners in those fruit garden will give one a great opportunity to taste the flavor of the delicious and juicy fruits. Rajshahi is also famous for trade of silk.  There are also a number ancient mosques, shrines and temples in and around Rajshahi. Puthia Complex is one of them. In this complex one can find a palace and some temples of archaeological wonder. Varendra Museum is one of the unique museums of Bangladesh which contains the past glory of our history and civilization. This museum is maintained by the authority of Rajshahi University.
Rajshahi is located at the bank of the river Padma. Boat ride in the Padma can give one a real adventurous experience in the rainy season. Every type of transportation is available to reach Rajshahi from the capital of the country. This city is also known for the largest university of the country.

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