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Flanking Meghna: Narsingdi

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Narsingdi, located 50 km north-east of Dhaka on the bank of river Meghna is a famous district for the Textile and Craft Industry. The name Narsingdi means “Lion Man” and the city was named after an ancientking of this area who was believed to be lion like which clearly indicates that Narsingdi is an ancient city of Bengal.

Wari Bateshwar is a part of an ancient city located in Belabo Upazila under Narsingdi District. This ancient city part is considered as one of the greatest archeological discovery in the world which proves the existence of early civilization in Bangladesh. Famous Greek geographer, astronomer and mathematician Ptolemy mentioned about Wari-Bateshwar as an ancient emporium in his book “Geographia” where he also mentioned about some other emporiums in India, Srilanka and Thailand. He also stated that the mentioned emporiums were the most ancient civilizations in their individual region and used as river port where monochrome glass beads were produced and traded. Prof. Rahman from Jahangirnagar University also believed so which makes him to lead a study and discover this ancient civilization. The artifacts found at Wari-Bateshwar by his team are similar to the other artifacts that found in other emporiums in India, Srilanka and Thailand.

Lalon Shah, full name Fakir Lalon Shah also popularly known as Lalon Fakir was a famous Bengali Baul saint, spiritual songwriter, social activist, sacrilegious thinker. Baul people are known as a group of mystic musicians of Bengal founded by Lalon Fakir. Though Lalon believed & rejected “all differences of status and faith” in his songs but his thinking inspired many famous poets, writers and religious or social thinkers. His followers mostly found in Bangladesh and West Bengal where they live together and practice Baul songs, philosophy. There is a small foundation run by Lalon followers in Arshinagar, Narsingdi where visitors can take lessons from the followers, exchange their thoughts and practice Baul songs with them.

Narsingdi city is located on the bank of river Meghna which is one of the major rivers in Bangladesh that forms the Ganges Delta along with two other rivers. This river is formed inside Bangladesh by the joining of different rivers that originating from India. Meghna is the widest river in Bangladesh with an average depth of 1012 feet. Visitors can go for a boat ride, fishing at Meghna in Narsingdi.

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