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Bhawal Garh: Gazipur

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Bhawal Garh, also known as Bhawal Forest is a large upland area located in Gazipur, around 40 km drive from Dhaka. This is a part of Bhawal and Madhupur Garh with a total area of 5022 ha.

Bhawal National Park or Bhawal Jatiya Uddan was established and preserved as National Park in 1974, later it was officially declared under 1984 wildlife act in 1982. The core park area is 940 hectares with the surrounding forest. The main purpose of this park is to protect the important habitats as well as to provide some nature for recreation. The forest was home of Peacocks, Tiger, Leopard, Black Panther, Elephant, Clouded Leopard and Sambar Deer but now this park has 220 plant and 32 wildlife species remaining.

Gazipur district has some beautiful recreational parks near Ansar Academy. These parks are mostly popular as picnic venue to the locals but they got overnight facilities also where tourists can fish and swim in lake, roam around in the forest and stay overnight there.

Bhawal Zamindar Palace or Bhawal Estate was a large Zamindari Estate in ancient Bengal with a total are of 579 square miles & 500,000 populations. Both Hindu and Muslim zamindars ruled this place consecutively. Choira Meah Bari was the most famous capital of Bhawal Estate where zamindar Fazal Gazi lived and he was one of the Baro-Bhuyans (the great twelve zamindars of Bengal). Later Gazipur district was named after Fazal Gazi. Gazipur also considered as the most important area for RMG (Ready Made Garments) industry as most of the famous garments exporter has set up their factory over there.

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