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Coral Island: St. Martin’s

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St. Martin's Island, a small island located at the southernmost part of Bangladesh about 9 km south from Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf point. Local name of this island is “Narikel Jinjira” or “Coconut Island” which has the obvious reason for the name as this island has so many coconut tree over there. St. Martin’s island is an outstanding island to visit and overnight stay which is the only coral island in Bangladesh. The island is around 8 km long and divided into three parts. St. Martin’s is the most visited place in Bangladesh and popular for honeymoon couples. Sea Truck is the only transportation system to get there from land part.

For the geographical position, this island got the safest sea beach in Bangladesh and the crystal clear water is the key attraction to the visitor. Scuba diving service is available here for the visitors after getting proper training. Dinner at the beach, Barbeque is also available here.

Famous Bangladeshi author, dramatist and film maker got a beautiful architectural house on the west part of this island which is most popular to the local people. He also own a village called “Nuhas Polly” in Gazipur district, Dhaka where most of his TV serials and movie shootings take place.

Chera Dip, a broken part of St. Martin’s island which itself became another small island is another most visited place over there. At dawn, during the downstream a sandy road reveals from the sea everyday which connects the Chera dip with the mainland for a short time; exploring the virgin road is another popular activity for visitors!!!!

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