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Panoramic Kuakata

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Panoramic Kuakata, wide sandy beach, some adventurous reserve forests and Char (beachside island) is exactly the place where people want to spend their leisure time. As Kuakata is located on the most southern part of Bangladesh, it has a slight touch of Mangrove Forest- Sundarban. People use two types of vehicle as their only transportation to cover the short distance. Well, for tourists Motorcycle is the best to get everywhere, normally local people use "Van" a three wheels local vehicle.

On the way of Kuakata you have to travel through four ferries and that will give you the idea of the geographical position of Kuakata. Yes, this place is surrounded by so many rivers, sea canals and that’s why most of the places name has their last part in common like: Kauar Char, Gangamotir Char, Lambur Char etc. You can get to those places with motorcycle, sometimes you have to take your vehicle on a non-engine boat to cross the narrow canals and get into the forest.

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