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About Us

About Us

Interactive Bangladesh is an inbound tour operator, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The name "Interactive Bangladesh" already represents the theme of our tours. Yes, we believe in interaction based tourism where you will interact with the nature, people, culture & history of Bangladesh.

Interaction is the way of expression that we do with others in our everyday life. Bangladesh is popularly known as the land of people & culture which is one of our most important and unique tourist attractions that differentiates us from any other tourism countries around the world. We are mostly famous for our hospitality where people of this country are always welcoming to the strangers with a smile on their face. We also believe that tourism is all about interaction and no matter what it is you are interacting with. It might be the nature, culture or the history. The more you interact the more you learn about others as well as explore yourself and that's the best part of interaction.

Interactive Bangladesh believes that traveling is the best way of exploration and we want to make you as much comfortable as possible during your exploration when you are with us. And luckily Bangladesh is the best place to explore yourself with the raw natural beauty, rich cultural values and famous historical events that are yet to be explored too which is the obvious reason for calling it "Secret of Asia". Yes, unless you explore yourself it's never fun with traveling. So, why late?? Come join us and explore yourself with the nature, culture and history where you might get lost!!!

Who We are (In Person)

Before traveling with us we think you should know "Who We Are" or "With Whom You are Dealing With". Most importantly get an idea about our team and our professionalism. Here we want to introduce our team as a bunch of travelers, who are passionate about their traveling and knows their country best. In profession, our passion became our profession which is the best part of our professionalism because "what you love to do, if that became your profession only then you will get the best output of it.

What We Do

Being a traveler in person, it always help us to understand what our clients specifically want from us and we never compromise with the quality (based on availability). Based on our clients specifications or queries our dedicated Trip Designers who also known as the Travel Experts always design the best trip for them considering best travel theme with activity list and others.

The Logistics Support Team figures out the best available options, prioritizing the quality and comfort of the clients with a 24/7 dedicated Customer Support Service where they are happy to provide any kind of support to the respected clients over phone. Our Travel Experts or the Travel Magicians are specialized on client handling and committed to help you exploring the secrets of Asia with an unique way of interaction.

Choose your favorite trip from our ready made packages or just ask for a customized trip based on your travel needs, theme or desired activities and allow us 24 hours to design an unique trip only for you!!!