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Illumination of Life: Sirajgonj

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If anyone wants to meet raw expression of Bangladesh, if anyone wants to find the life of Bangla then Sirajgonj is the place where one can come. This region will give one the opportunity to feel the true gesture of Bangladesh. Sirajgonj is the entrance to the North Bengal from the capital of Bangladesh.

Sirajgonj is situated at the bank of the Jamuna. The largest bridge of Bangladesh till date has connected this city with Tangail District. This bridge is the only way to connect the east part of country to the North Bengal. The largest cancer hospital, Khawja Yunus Ali Hospital is in Enayetpur of Sirajgonj. Other than the Jamuna, Karatoya is another main river of this district. At the bank of this river, another kacharibari of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore is located. Sirajgonj is the area of loom. Almost every house has their own loom. At night, one can hear the rhythmic sound of loom. Sirajgonj is also famous for mustard oil. Acres of lands are there where one can find the yellow colored flower of mustard. Pie making, date juice collection and honey collection in mustard plant field are the some special attractions of winter season of this region. A milk shed area of Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited or commonly known as Milk Vita is located Baghabari, Shahjadpur of Sirajgonj.

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