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Tea Capital: Moulvibazar

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Moulvibazar is known as the "Tea Capital of Bangladesh". As far as the eyes go, one can see the plain land or the hill slopes are carpeted with green tea plants. This region has over 91 tea gardens of country’s 153 tea gardens and also the three largest tea gardens in the world are in this region.

Madhabkunda waterfall, the largest waterfall in Bangladesh is in Barlekha. Big bolder of stones and the black stones with green leafy trees and the sound of waterfall create an amazing experience for visitors. The Madhabkunda Eco-park is located at Madhabkunda. To conserve the Madhabkunda waterfall and surrounding biodiversity, this area was declared as Eco-park. People can get there by train up to Moulavibazar then by road or by air from Dhaka up to Sylhet then by road.Tourists and visitors must take the taste of 7 layer tea. Nilkantha Tea Cabin was the first to introduce this tea.Another notable place to visit at Srimongal city is Shitesh Babu’s Mini Zoo. The zoo has many rare mammals, white tiger, golden tiger, python, tortoise and wide collection of county’s rare birds.

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