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Gateway of Chittagong

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Chittagong, the Business capital of Bangladesh with the history of Liberation War, 1971 got the perfect gateway with a combination of hills, business and religious place.

Vatiary is a business area close to the sea where visitors can explore a large market of ship furniture and other important ship items. Fauzdarhat cadet College is located just beside the furniture market which is the largest cadet college in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Army established their training institute in this hilly region called Bangladesh Military Academy.

Chandranath Dham, a Hindu temple located on top of the Chandranath Hill near Sitakunda. This temple is famous as a Shakti Peeth where Hindu people worship their goddess Shakti or Sati where the right arm of Goddess Sati fell as per Hindu Sacred Text. This temple is a holy place of pilgrimage which brings so many thousands of followers to this place every year. It is also believed that Sita, the female character of epic Ramayan was bought this place by another devil character Rawan and this is the reason for naming of this place “Sita Kunda”.

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