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Gateway to South-West: Manikganj

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Saturia, located 7 km road drive from Manikganj district is a historical place in Manikganj as most of the Zamindars of Manikganj built their palaces over there.

Baliati Zamindar Palace is a 150 years old Hindu Zamindar Palace situated in Saturia, Manikganj district, 43 km north-west of Dhaka ruled by Zaminadr Roy Chand, Kishorilal Roy Chowdhury and Roybahadur Harendra Kumer Roy Chowdhury. The whole Baliati Zamindar Complex consists of total five adjacently situated buildings with a front side lake. The complex is also known as “Dosh Ani Zamindar Bari” in Bangla which also includes a college called Jagarnath College and a School called K. L Jubily School. The five buildings of this complex got some beautiful architectural fine work where the three main gateways are identical in their architectural features. Now, this complex is acquired by Bangladesh Archeological Department with the new name “Baliati Palace”. There is another Zamindar Palace located in Saturia near Baliati Zamindar Bari. This palace is famous for the local people who are living in the palace and their activities. Visitors can participate with the natives in day to day activities.

Baliati Iswar Chandra High School is a historical school located in Saturia, Manikganj, established in 1919 by Zamindar Babu Ray Bahadur Harendra Kumar Ray Chowdhury. This school was named after his father Iswar Chandra but it was founded to fulfill his son Upal Chandra’s wish. There is a tragic story related to the establishment of this school.

Ramkrishna Math and Ramkrishna Mission is a worldwide famous Hindu worship centre located in Baliati, Saturia, Manikganj. This place is also known as Ramkrishna Ashrama and Ramkrishna Sheveshrama to the Hindu community. The Math Centre was established in 1910 and the Mission Centre added a branch here in 1925. Visitors can worship and participate in Bhajans (Religious Song) with the followers at Ramkrishna Math every day. There is a small library and a homoeopathic dispensary in the mission for the followers.

Machain Mosque and Shrine is a very rare sign of Sultan Period of ancient Bengal, located in a village called Machain in Manikganj. This mosque was named after the village. The shrine belongs to a fakir named Shah Rustam who lived in this village and did his meditation. Teota Zamindar Palace, located in Shibaloy Upazila under Manikganj District is another ancient Zamindar Bari of Bengal. Zamindar Hem Shankar Ray Chowdhuty and Zamindar Joy Shankar Ray Chowdhury uphold their Zamindari from this palace.

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