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Lake City: Rangamati

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Rangamati, popularly known as “Lake City” or “The beautiful city of Bangladesh” is located in south-eastern part of Bangladesh. It is the most important hill district among the three main hill tracts of Bangladesh. Area wise, Rangamati is the largest district of Bangladesh with a total area of 6116.13 sq km. Rangamati also popularly known as “Home of Indigenous People” where “Chakma” considered as the main tribe with ten other tribes like Marma, Tanchangya, Tripura, Pankua, Lushi, Khiang, Murang, Rakhain, Chak, Bowm, Khumi etc.

The “Hanging Bridge” located in Rangamati Parjatan Complex is the most visited archeological heritage in Rangamati. The bridge connects the mainland with a hill, from top of that hill visitors can have some beautiful view of Kaptai Lake. Visitors also can take country boat from under the bridge and go for a short boat ride and experience a whole new dreamy world of hilly lake!!!

Kaptai Lake, the largest manmade lake in south-eastern Bangladesh located in Rangamati with a total area of 54000 acres. The lake was created because of the Kaptai Dam on the Karnaphuli river in Kaptai. Almost 100 thousand of people were displaced during the dam construction and the Palace of the Chakma king also went under the water.

Buddhist Temple, located in Rajbari is another tourist spot where visitors can take lesson about Buddha, pray with the followers and experience Buddhism. The Indigenous Museum represents the history, lifestyle and unique handicrafts of local indigenous people with some luxuriously beautiful ivory jewelry collection. DC Banglow Park, a nature park located on the bank of Kaptai lake in DC Banglow area where tourists can feed their eye an magnificent view of the lake under a 250 years old Banyan tree or go for a boat ride!!!

Rangamati is famous for homespun textile products that visitors can buy from the Tribal Market located in Tabalchari and Kanthaltali in Rangamati. Tourists also can visit the local market where tribes from different area, hills come by the boat with their own cultivated vegetables and fruits. There is floating wholesale market in Banarupa which is a must visit place in Rangamati.

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