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Meet the Locals

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Visualize the Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Here rivers have their presence in every corner of the country. Whether it is a hilly area or plain land, one can find rivers after very short interval of distance.


Bangladesh is also a country of villages. Here almost 70% of the population lives in village.


From the above two paragraphs, it is clear that if anyone wants to know Bangladesh or if anyone wants to meet the local people of Bangladesh or if anyone wants to know the real Bangladesh then he or she should visit a village of this country and where obviously he or she will find a river. Meet the Locals includes those trips which will cover a visit to one of the villages of Bangladesh with a river flowing beside the village. A traveler will find the face of simplicity, the life of struggling and a warm welcome to the people in these trips. Here everything is natural and from the core of the heart. Their stories of life will reveal something very factual.

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