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Southern Cox’s Bay

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Cox’s Bazar, the city of the longest natural unbroken sea beach is a hilly area with a lots of tourist attractions that makes this place a perfect tourist city in the world. It receives a large number of travellers every year from around the world. Southern Cox’s Bay is the main hilly area of Cox’s Bazar, a must visit place in Cox’s Bazar where you can find a beautiful waterfall, a recreational spot and a fish museum to visit.

Himchari Waterfall, an eye catchy beautiful cataract located in Himchari where you can take a bath under the fresh cool natural water in rainy season with a wide view of the Bay of Bengal. Just beside the fall there are couple hills where you can take a hike to the top and get the bird eye view of Bay of Bengal. On the way of Himchari anyone can easily find Daria Nagar, a recreational spot on the hill with hiking and trekking experience.

Inani, a new and planned beach located after Himchari is a great place to visit and stay in some beautiful architectural Cottages with best accommodation facilities. People who love to spend their leisure with a sound place Inani is the perfect area just outside the main town. On the way of Inani there is Fish Museum with a large collection of stuffed fishes owned by a local fish lover!!!

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