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Elusive Padma: Munshiganj

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Munshiganj, located at the border of Dhaka district is an ancient historical place of Bangladesh. Its historical name is Bikrampur which was political and cultural center of ancient Bengal. It was also the capital city of Chandra, Varman and Sena dynasties. So many historical events took place in this area.

Idrakpur Fort is a beautiful architectural sign of Mughal period built by Mughal Emperor Mir Jumla in 1660 AD, located 21.47 km North-West from Dhaka in Munshiganj District. This water fort was built on the bank of river Ichamoti (Currently dried up) to counter the attacks of Magh and Portuguese raiders. This beautiful and planned quadrangular in size fort is divided into two main parts with some great architectural work.

Atish Dipankar Shrijnan, a famous Buddhist Scholar, Religious Preceptor and Philosopher born in the yera of 980 in a village of Munshiganj (Former Bikrampur) called Bajrayogini. He has been honored for nearly 1000 years as an exceptional religious personality in Tibet and Asia countries north of the Himalayas. His palace in Bajrayogini village, Manikganj is known as "Ponditer Bhita". Padma, also known as Ganga  is one of the main trans-boundary river of Bangladesh. There is resort called Padma Resort, located in Munshiganj Disrict on the bank of river Padma. This is famous tourist spot and best for a day trip.

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