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Travel Tips

Travel Trips

Staying healthy while traveling, is a primary goal of every traveler. Below you'll find a number of common sense tips to stay in good health for the duration of your journey. Here are some travel tips for you:

Before Trip

Before you travel to Bangladesh, a little planning and research are well worth the effort. In the "Before Trip" section you’ll find some general information & tips regarding Bangladesh visit. Everything you need to prepare for your magical Bangladesh vacation.

Know Your Destination

Do a little research on your destination to know some important facts that you might need during your trip. Prepare yourself for the upcoming trip by reading a good guidebook or doing a web search about your destination. The more you know about a country and its people, culture and nature, the more you can enjoy and appreciate it once you are there.

Weather Forecasting

The weather is the single factor most likely to affect your trip positively or negatively, and one of the most important things that most people take for granted. A weather forecast can guide your packing strategy, and failure to check the weather can result in unprepared, unhappy and very soggy travelers.

Passport & Visa

Make sure you have all necessary documents like passport, visa, travel insurance, air tickets, etc. Make copies of all important documents and keep the copies separate from the originals.

Necessary Documents

Leave copies of your itinerary, passport data page and visas with family or friends, so you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Necessary Vaccinations

  • Make sure you are mentally and physically fit for the tour. Did you receive all necessary vaccinations?
  • Please check on any vaccinations you might need by consulting your physician and get vaccinated prior to your travel. Keep a copy of your vaccination records and bring it along on your trip.
  • Please consult your physician on any changes in timing of your medication—especially insulin—when you cross multiple time zones.

For most Asian countries, the following vaccinations are recommended:

  • Diphtheria and Tetanus
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Japanese B Encephalitis
  • Polio
  • Rabies
  • Tuberculosis
  • Typhoid

Medical Insurance

Ask your medical insurance company if your policy applies overseas or in your desired destination, and if it covers emergency expenses such as medical evacuation. If it does not, consider supplemental insurance.

Travel Tools

Please do not forget to bring pocket knife, travel alarm clock, sun glasses, sun lotion, flashlight, mosquito milk repellent, tampons and contraceptives.

Payments during travel

A combination of Credit Card/ATM Card, Traveler's Cheques and Cash Money in US dollar or in Euro is the most practical and safe solution.


  • If you're prone to air sickness, ask for a window seat over the wing. Air sickness can be minimized by avoiding alcohol 24 hours before the flight and while you're flying.
  • If a traveling child is recovering from a cold, use decongestant nose drops one-half hour before takeoff and landing.
  • It is strongly recommended that scuba divers wait at least 24 hours after your last dive before taking to the skies. This minimizes the risk of developing decompression illnesses such as the bends.


  • Clothing:

  • Light Cotton (or other natural fibers) clothing
  • A Pullover
  • A light jacket
  • A Raincoat or Umbrella (for the rainy season)
  • A hat for protection against the sun
  • Medicine:

Pack your medications in their original, pharmacy-labeled bottles to avoid problems with airport customs and be sure to never pack it in baggage that you are planning to check.

  • Shoes:

Sandals or Slippers for the traveling days are convenient, especially if we have to take out our shoes when visiting houses or temples. Good walking shoes for the walking days.


Check your camera, memory cards, lenses, batteries or charger.

During Trip

When you are traveling abroad with your family or friends, it is very important to make the most of your experience. But at the same time, you should always consider your personal safety and be aware of your surroundings. In the “During Trip” section you’ll get some important tips that you should follow while you are traveling with us to ensure a pleasant trip inside Bangladesh.

Hotels & Security

The rooms in the various hotels are different but maintain a minimum standard under different categories & important things like passport, money, air tickets etc. deposit in the safe of the hotel. If you make call from the hotel room to your home country, we advise you to inform beforehand at the reception about the tariff (about the payable Service Charge and the minimum charged amount of minutes). Check out on time; check the room, the bathroom and the safe so that you do not forget anything.

Leaving Hotel

Always take an address card from the hotel with you and also a flash lamp (torch) in the evening.

Preventing Theft

It is advised to hide your Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash if possible in different places, such as some in your carry-on backpack or purse, and some on you (example in a money belt). Do not put money in your pockets where a pickpocket could easily take it without notice. And never leave your bags unattended.

If you carry a backpack, you could carry it on your front, or put locks on the zippers. A backpack is the most secure type of luggage, as it allows you to have both hands free and is difficult to steal when it is on you. Be aware that at busy places like markets and train or bus stations pickpockets can be active. Keep an eye on your bag.


Go during the break or lunch to the restroom, not if we have to leave. Take toilet paper with you for on the way, this is not always present in restrooms.

Copy Your Important Documents

Check that you have all necessary documents: passport, visa, travel insurance, air tickets, etc. Make copies of all important documents and keep the copies separate from the originals. Photocopy your important documents, such as the first page of your passport, plane tickets, visa, ID cards, etc. Keep one copy in your suitcase or with a travel partner, and also leave a copy with someone who is not traveling with you.

Jet Lag

To overcome jet lag, try scheduling outdoor activities for the first few days at the new destination. Daylight can help your body adjust more quickly. Dehydration can make jet lag worse. Drink water or juices and avoid both caffeine and alcohol to stay hydrated.


Never purchase local medications unless you're familiar with them and wear sunblock and sunglasses in the tropics and at high altitudes.



  • Ensure the seal on the bottle in intact
  • Avoid having ice in your drinks
  • Use bottle water to brush your teeth
  • Drink plenty of fluids and remember that alcohol dehydrates you
Please note that the prices of drinks in some establishments are "expensive" but cheap compared to western standards.

Food Safety

Make sure your food has been cooked thoroughly and it is still hot when it is served to you and avoid any uncooked food, apart from fruits and vegetable that can be peeled or shelled.

Little Payments

Make sure that you have enough small changes with you in order to pay for your drinks and other small purchases.